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YSMRA Adaptive Equipment Loan Program

Record #: YAR0284
Last Modified: 01 Oct 2020
Last Full Update: 01 Oct 2020

Description & Services

Information The Yarmouth Shelburne Municipal Recreation Association (YSMRA) consists of staff from the following municipal units: Yarmouth Recreation, Municipality of Argyle’s Recreation Department, Municipality of Barrington’s Recreation Department, Municipality of Shelburne’s Recreation Department, and the Town of Lockeport’s Recreation Department. YSMRA exists to provide regional recreation opportunities and programs within Shelburne and Yarmouth counties, to share information, to network and to act as advocates on issues impacting recreation. YSMRA owns various pieces of recreation equipment as a way to enhance the recreational opportunities available within Yarmouth and Shelburne counties.  
The following equipment is available to residents of Yarmouth and Shelburne Counties with a signed user agreement.  
i) GPSs (5 Units) 
ii) Snowshoes (10) 
iii) Kayaks (8 Kayaks and Paddles, PFD, & Safety Kits) 
iv) Skateboards (20 skateboards, helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads) & 2 ramps 
v) Hockey Sledges (12 sledges, sticks, helmets, gloves, neck guards, elbow pads, wheel kits): The sledge is a perfect piece of equipment anyone to enjoy! The sledge was designed to support anyone experiencing lower-body limitations or balancing issues. Using picked hockey sticks or a push bar to propel oneself across the ice, the sledge can be used to enjoy winter activities; or the blades can be replaced with wheels to play floor or street hockey! Everyone should try-out this fun and versatile piece of equipment!  
vi) Hippocamps (2):The hippocampe is an all-terrain wheelchair that can be towed, pushed, or self-propelled. The hippocampe eenables everyone- at any age- to access outdoor activities to their full ability. Hippocampes function on all terrains including the beach or a woodsy trail.  
Hippocampes are easily transferrable, they can be folded and transported into a hockey bag, only weighing 30lbs! Making them the perfect equipment to bring along on an outdoor adventure.  
Hippocampes can fit most youth-adult sized users. Different attachments may be provided such as a ski attachment for winter fun!  
Please contact your local recreation department for more information or to book the equipment.  
Municipality of Barrington &  
Town of Clark’s Harbour 
27 Park Lane, Sherose Island, NS B0W 1E0 
Ph: 902-637-2903 
Municipality of Argyle 
27 Courthouse Road, Tusket NS, B0W 3M0 
Ph: 902-648-3379 
Municipality & Town of Yarmouth 
932 Highway 1, Hebron NS, B5A 5Z5 
Ph: 902-742-8868 
Municipality of Shelburne, Town of Shelburne & Town of Lockeport 
415 Woodlawn Drive, Shelburne NS, B0T 1W0 
Ph: 902-875-2831
Accessibility Partially Wheelchair Accessible ; The equipment is available to make recreation opportunities more accessible. The location and space in which the equipment is used is also a factor.