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Old St. Margaret's Bay Road

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Last Modified: 30 Apr 2019
Last Full Update: 26 Mar 2019


Located In Halifax Regional Municipality
Where To Find Us
Westhaver Loop Road in Seabright via Highway 333
Other Site Locations Trailhead 2:
Joshua Slocum Road in Lewis Lake via Highway 3
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Trailhead 3:
Old Coach Road (Indian Lake golf course entrance road) in Goodwood via Highway 333
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Trailhead 4:
Old Halifax Road via Highway 333
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Description & Services

Information The Old St. Margarets Bay Road, also known as The Old Coach Road, was a vital transportation link between Halifax and St. Margarets Bay in the early years of the province. Today, the road weaves through undeveloped and, for the most part, undisturbed wilderness that offers visitors a quiet reprieve amongst the beauty of our natural world. Its mosaic of scenic landscapes and waterways provide habitat to a wide variety of mammals, birds, fish, plants, lichens, and insects. A plethora of waterways await your discovery by canoe or kayak. The area is home to a remnant herd of Mainland Moose, now listed as an endangered species.  
The western end of the Old St. Margarets Bay Road has its beginning from Westhaver Road in Glen Margaret, 12.5 km from the intersection of Highway 333 and Highway 3 in Upper Tantallon. From there you may continue on for 30km through Big Five Bridge Lake, Nine Mile River, Otter Lake and Greenhead Road Area, the Indian Lakes to Prospect Road, and Goodwood to Spryfield. The end of the Old St. Margarets Bay Road is located just south of 168 Old Sambro Road in Spryfield. A detailed walking guide to the Old St. Margarets Bay Road can be found here.  
The road is not maintained and not suitable for motorized vehicles; although bicyclists, ATV riders, hikers, canoeists, kayakers and naturalists are welcome and will find the route passable with caution and care. If you are travelling through the eastern end of the Old St. Margarets Bay Road, which passes through Long Lake Provincial Park, you should note that motorized vehicles (ATVs) are not permitted within the park boundaries. 
Please note, there is no potable water or food services available along this trail. Please pack out what you pack in - leave no trace. The Old St. Margarets Bay Road is rocky, uneven and water covered in places. Care must be exercised when using this trail; a sturdy walking stick is recommended. It is highly recommended that you pack sufficient food and water to sustain you over the planned duration of your trip. Sturdy water-resistant footwear, suitable seasonal clothing, a GPS, compass, map(s), and cell phone are now considered standard equipment for the hiker. Cell phone coverage is good in most sections of this road. Coyotes are becoming more prevalent on the Chebucto Peninsula. Please visit the Department of Natural Resources website to learn how to deal with them if you encounter one or more on a hike. It is recommended you do not hike alone.
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