Woodland Multi Use Trails

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Located In Shelburne County


Phone 902 656-2793
Contact Sherm Embree, Treasurer, WMTA and Director, Shelburne County ATV Association, Woodland Multiuse Trail Association; Phone: 902 656-2793; Email: scembree@auracom.com
Alternate Contact Dana Dares, Secretary,, Woodland Multiuse Trail Association; Phone: 902 656-3215 * : 902 875-7526; Email: video.focus@ns.sympatico.ca
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Trail Rating Easy for walkers and OHV users. Hybrid bicycle tires required for cyclists. Trail is graded and packed type 1 rail bed gravel. Horses can use with some caution especially at bridges. Snowmobiles can use when snow is deep enough. Snow is not groomed for snowmobiles and has multiple users. Skis and snowshoes can be used if adaptable to conditions.
Information The Woodland Multi-use Trail Association is a group of volunteers in partnership with the Shelburne County All Terrain Vehicle Association committed to the creation and management of a multi-use shared trail system across Shelburne County for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and to foster tourism through an appreciation of our natural environment and cultural heritage. WMTA have worked on this vision as follows: WMTA have built, operated and now maintain and manage over 79 kilometers of shared multi use trail across Shelburne County. These trails are a part of the Nova Scotia Western Loop of the Trans Canada Trail.  
A tour of and guide to our trails called Beacon to Shelburne can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. Of the many tours of Shelburne highlighted there choose Shelburne County Trans Canada Rail Trail. It will provide you with pictures and directions to our wonderful wilderness trails.  
There are 35.5 km of interconnected shared multi use trail in eastern Shelburne County from the Jordan River at Hayden Road to the Queen's County line at Wilkins Lake. This joins 18.7 km of the Queen's County trail system from Wilkins Lake into Port Mouton and Summerville Beach Provincial Park at Broad River. The trails east of Jordan River trail includes 3.5 km of shared multi use trail at Jordan River Trail and Camp Jordan Trailway to Ogden Creek. Continuing east there is 2.3 km of undeveloped but passable rail bed trail. Continuing east again is the East Jordan Trailway for 10.6 kms of trail to Canada Hill Road in Allendale (outside of Lockeport). This passes over five beautiful bridges over wilderness streams with a maximum vehicle width of 68 inches. From Canada Hill Road the shared multi use trail continues east for 10 kms to Hwy 3 in Sable River through the beautiful Sable wetland used by Ducks Unlimited Canada during their Project Webfoot elementary school education program. This trail then connects with the Tom Tigney Trail (1.2 km Municipality of Shelburne shared multi use trail). At the east end it joins WMTAs 8.4 km Tom Tidney Wilderness Trailway from Hwy 103 in Sable River (near km 117 at the East Sable River Road intersection) where there is nearby parking.  
There is also the Jordan Branch Trailway that is a 6.3 km section of shared multi use trail from civic 500 Jordan Branch Road to Spa Road on the edge of Shelburne Town. At this time there is no OHV trail connection across the Jordan River Trail bridge or through the Town of Shelburne although there is a walking trail route. 
In western Shelburne County you can now use 41.9 km of WMTA's shared multi use trail all the way from Clyde River to Yarmouth County line and then use Yarmouth County Trails (approx 50 km) all the way into Yarmouth Town. WMTA has built 4.6 km of trail from Hwy 309 in Port Clyde to Clement's Pond at km 63 of Hwy 103. WMTA completed a further 10.2 km of trail to join the Barrington Bay Trail to the Clements Pond / Port Clyde trail. WMTA has also joined the Yarmouth County trail system by opening 10 km of trail between the Yarmouth / Shelburne County line at Charlesville to Woods Harbour Trail. A further 12.2 km of trail has been opened by WMTA from Woods Harbour to Barrington Bay at the Cape Sable Island Causeway Hwy 330 where it meets the Barrington Bay Trail. Parking trailhead and amenities are available at the Sgt Taylor Memorial Park trailhead at 54 Hwy 330 near the Cape Sable Island Causeway.

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