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Outdoor Council of Canada - COVID 19 Guidelines for Led Outdoor Activity

Record #: MDC0259
Last Modified: 03 Jun 2020
Last Full Update: 03 Jun 2020


Located In Nova Scotia


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Information Outdoor programs have a duty to care for their participants and must implement effective COVID-19 adaptations. To facilitate this process, the following guidelines and supporting documentation are posted on this website. These documents come from a diversity of sources and each program will have to refer to and use the guidelines that are most relevant to their particular context. 
Note that provincial and regional governments hold the final say regarding the offering of specific activities. The following documents are to be used in a context where programs are allowed to operate in their area.  
COVID-19 Principles and Practices for Led Outdoor Activity Edition 1 
Click here to view the pdf below 
Also visit the OCC's website for guidelines developed by organizations associated with outdoor activities.