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Maccan Tidal Wetlands Park

Located In Maccan
Where To Find Us
Fundy Shore Ecotour
B4H 3Y4
Areas Served Amherst and Area ; Maccan
Description & Services
Information The Maccan Tidal Wetlands park is a great place to view the tidal bore on the Maccan River. Connected to the Bay of Fundy, the sudden shift in ocean tide against the river current causes a single wave known as the tidal bore to travel down the river. Watch the tidal bore travel around the river bend and observe the changing tides and currents. The highest tidal bores occur when the moon is closest to the Earth. Plan to arrive 10-20 minutes earlier than the scheduled tidal bore should it come early.There is a small nature trail and a picnic area. Birds and ducks can be observed in the ponds. 
An annual tidal bore chart can be found posted at the park.
Special Information
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