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Canoe Annapolis County

Route 7 – Hendry Lake

Record #: MCA0373
Last Modified: 11 Apr 2019
Last Full Update: 08 Feb 2018


Located In Annapolis County
Where To Find Us
Access: Route 13 Lake Alma at Rudoph Stream
West Dalhousie
Other Site Locations Access: Route 4 Milford Lakes at Thomas Cove
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Areas Served Annapolis County

Description & Services

Information This route connects Route 4, the Milford Lakes system and Route 13, the Lake Alma system. It is the 
access route to the West Branch Medway River, and is one of two access routes to the East Branch Medway 
River. The route consists of five lakes, two streams, and several portages; three of which are of considerable 
length. It lies entirely within lands owned by the province of Nova Scotia, formerly the Medway District lands of 
Bowater Mersey Paper Company. 
Past and present forestry activity is evident along the portages, which in most cases follow forest 
roads and trails. The lakes are undeveloped, offering many sandy beaches and secluded paddling. There are 
many intersecting access roads in the area; attention to directions and pacing of distances while on the 
portages is advised. 
The route crosses the Medway Lakes Wilderness Area, where vehicle access is restricted. Vehicle 
access in Crown land areas where commercial forestry operations are being carried out may also be 
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