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Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail

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Located In Delaps Cove
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2077 Shore Rd W
Delaps Cove, NS
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Trail Rating Some moderate hill or stair climbing Somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths) Wilderness/Nature
Information CHARLIE’S TRAIL 
One of two trails making up the Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail, the hike to Charlies Trail and return will take approximately three to four hours, and it will follow the Old Shore Road, an abandoned provincial road.  
Visitors are advised that some logging does occur on private lands between the two trails.  
The trail entrance is located west of Sloan's Brook and before Charlies Brook (see Key Map). 
The viewing platform at Charlies Cove provides views of the Cove, and from this location you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Digby-to-Saint John ferry crossing the Bay of Fundy.  
The trail passes along the foundation of the Pomp homestead, which may have sheltered as many as ten people, as homes were small and families large. 
The majority of ground cover on Charlies Trail, besides the ferns (Cinnamon, Long-Beech and Bracken), is composed of smaller, less conspicuous plants, such as the shiny, three-leafed Goldthread.  
Early settlers used Goldthread to soothe mouth and throat pain.  
Bayberry shrubs and bunch berries can also be found along the trail. 
The Municipality of the County of Annapolis does not constantly supervise and/or maintain the trail system and assumes no responsibility for the safety of trail users.  
We recommend that users stay on the trails and be wary of the uneven trail surface and nearby cliffs.  
Children should be closely supervised. 
Please exercise safe outdoor recreation practices and always remember to tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.  
Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle. 
Hunting is a popular activity in Nova Scotia.  
Please remember you are hiking in a wilderness area, and wearing "hunter orange" is advisable during hunting seasons (September to the latter part of December).
Dates All Year.

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