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Lake Route 9: Seven Mile Lake

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Located In South Shore Region
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Bridgewater, NS
Areas Served Lunenburg County ; Queens County (NS)


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A large mostly wooded lake connected by secluded stillwaters to two other lakes with a wide variety of habitat. 
Where: Off Route 325 near Bridgewater 
Skill Level: Beginner 
Time: Day trip 
Distance: 9 km one way 
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This route is actually three lakes with Seven Mile Lake in the middle. Only the smallest, Rhyno Lake, is built up with homes - the other two each have two clusters of cottages with just a few other scattered buildings to be seen. You can put in at Hirtle Lake or Demones Run and paddle all the way to Rhyno with only a short lining (see Portages) down one stream. The appeal of this route is the variety of habitat especially the stillwaters in between the lakes where you feel secluded and up close with nature. 
Hirtle Lake is rock lined with a few large islands with a potential camping or picnic spots. From here, you pass through a short still water with numerous beaver lodges and down a short stream into Demones Run. A bridge crossing this stream is another Access Point. This is a large productive marshland habitat that reminded me of the Tantramar Marshes near Amherst. Here we got a good look at a coyote crossing the stream. The scenery changes abruptly to a long wooded cove that leads into the main body of the lake.The shores of Seven Mile appear more accessible than Hirtle for landing. At the entrance to the Rhyno Lake stillwater, you see the beginning of slate ledges and this passage way has a very different look from the others. The West Branch of the LaHave begins at the far end of this lake. 
If a one way trip isn’t possible for you, a return trip (about 12 kms) from Rhyno lake up into 
Seven Mile and the marsh at Demones Run is still possible. It may be tricky to find where Demones Run enters McLean’s Cove since the head of the cove looks like a wall of marsh. The entrance is just to the left of a duck blind that is there at present. 
Water Safety Notes 
Wind - See Lake Notes 
Traps - Be careful of metal animal traps set along the stream and under the bridge between Hirtle and Seven Mile after November 1. Some of these may be underwater and pose a hazard to feet and hands when lining your boat. Look for a wire and bait hanging into the water from a branch. The trap is at the end of this wire. 
P1 - At the end of the stillwater out of Hirtle Lake, you will need to line your boat down a short stream and then under a bridge about 200 m. It is fairly easy to walk along the stream edge or in the stream (with above seasonal hazard noted) lining your boat. To do this in a small stream like this, you can attach a rope to both ends of your boat or near the ends. Hold the rope in the middle like a handle, let the current carry your boat and pull on the rope as necessary to control the direction of the bow or stern. You may need to drag your boat over rocks in a few places. When approaching the bridge you can let your boat go under and have someone catch it at the other side or carry it around the bridge. It may be possible to paddle under the bridge in higher water. 
Access Point One - Rhyno Lake 
Turn off Route 325 onto the East Clifford Road and go 2.4 kms. Turn left at the Lakeshore Drive sign and park at a small beach on your right. From here to Access Point Two is about a 25 minute drive if you plan to start at Hirtle Lake and finish here. 
Access Point Two - Hirtle Lake 
Paved Route - After leaving one car at Rhyno Lake, continue up Route 325 and turn right on Route 208 toward New Germany.Turn right at the crossroad in Hemford toward Bridgewater and go 3.5 kms. Turn right here onto an unsigned dirt road and go 1.2 kms to a small bridge on Smith Brook. You can park just before the bridge on the right hand side of the road and put in just below the bridge into a small pond. The lake is just beyond here. 
Unpaved Route (Shorter) - Continue past Rhyno Lake about 8 km along a dirt road to the bridge mentioned above. 
Access Point Three - Demones Run Bridge 
Continue past Rhyno Lake about 5 km. 
West Branch LaHave - River Route 3 
Topographic map - Bridgewater 21 A/7
Eligibility Ages: 16 year(s) and up 
Children under 16 with adults - please use own discretion depending on skill level

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