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Lake Route 3: Christopher Lakes

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Neither South Shore nor the Lunenburg-Queens Recreational Coordinators/Directors Association own or control the canoe routes, portages or campsites listed in this guide, and assume no responsibility or liability for the safety of those using the canoe routes, walking the portages, or using the campsites. 
lt is recommended that users approach all canoe routes, portages and campsites in a safe and responsible manner. Conditions can change through fluctuating water levels, natural debris, and logging activity. Arrangements must be made directly with the owners of the portages and campsites. 
South Shore and Lunenburg-Queens Recreational Coordinators/Directors Association are not liable for any errors or omissions in this guide.


Located In South Shore Region
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Caledonia, NS
Areas Served Lunenburg County ; Queens County (NS)


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A popular chain of nine lakes in a wilderness setting with few cottages. 
Where: Near Caledonia 
Skill Level: Intermediate 
Time: 2-3 days 
Distance: 18 km paddling plus seven portages (see below). 
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This chain provides a longer trip in a sheltered wooded setting. You can begin the trip from either end though the eastern end is more heavily used. The western end begins in Lake Rossignol (see Lake Route 5) with its hazards of wind and rock piles. Because the route is relatively long and isolated, it is rated intermediate. Some of the portages may be tricky to find even with directions. 
Much of the land along this route is owned by the Douglas family of Caledonia who operate a local sawmill. This route provides a connection between the Mersey and Medway system and a variety of multiday trips are possible that combine this route with others. (See Lake Notes) 
Campsites one-four are traditionally used sites. Please use existing fire pits rather than create new ones. It may be difficult to find dead fire wood at the campsites so be sure to bring a stove. Use dead wood rather than sawing branches off trees or cutting live trees. (See chapter on Wilderness Ethics to learn more about low impact camping skills.) 
1 Low Landing - (See Access Point One) 
2 Apple Tree Lake - End of portage 2. Campsites to the left of trail end and some to the right. 
3 Fourth Christopher Lake - On the south side of the lake by the brook. 
4 Second Christopher - On the south side of the lake on a high bank close to the outflow from Laurel Lake. 
5 Hibernia Twin Lakes Campground - Open May 15 to Sept.15. Open and wooded. 902-682-2346, 902-354-4350 
Portages (West to East) 
P1 100m Lake Rossignol to Carrigan Lake - Take out where a small stream runs into Lacey Bay. Portage or line canoe up stream. 
Lunenburg Queens Recreation Directors regret to inform you that a logging operation has destroyed the portage route between Carrigan Lake and Apple Tree Lake. It is very difficult walking, and navigating by map and compass is recommended. 
P2 800m Carrigan Lake to Apple Tree Lake - Take out just north of the stream.The trail parallels Carrigan Lake a short distance then heads up the ridge. Look for old blazes and flagging tape. At about 600 m, the trail ends at a logging road. Turn left there and walk a short distance until you see another old road on your right. From here it is not far to Apple Tree Lake. 
P3 100m Apple Tree Lake to small marsh - You have crossed the watershed “divide” and the water is now flowing east. Most likely you will be able to paddle through here and avoid a portage (yeah).Take out if the water is too low where the stream runs out of Apple Tree on the left hand shore and portage or line to a deep water marsh. 
P4 200m Small marsh to Telfer Lake - Look for an old logging road at the rocky end of the marsh on the left hand side. You may need to get out of your canoe to find the road. From here it is about 75 m to a dirt road. Turn right at the dirt road and go about 100 metres. On your left is a cottage along the stream leading into Telfer Lake. The cottage is before the bridge. Cross the lawn and put into the stream below the bridge. Ask permission if the cottage owner is there. 
P5 160m Telfer Lake to Fourth Christopher - Take out at a cove at the top of the lake near the remains of a collapsed camp, north of where the stream exits. Walk about 30 m to a logging road, turn left and walk about another 30m. On your right, look carefully for an old road that starts between two big rocks and may be difficult to find. This trail goes about 100 m to Fourth Christopher Lake. 
Note: Some lining or wading may be required in the stillwaters between Fourth and Third Christopher. 
From Laurel Lake into Second Christopher is a short challenging run (Class2). If you don’t want to paddle through, line your boat or use a short portage on river right. 
P6 300m Second Christopher to First Christopher - Take out at a small beach north of the bridge 
(Access Point Two). You may choose to end your trip here. To continue to First Christopher, turn right down the road by the Twin Lakes Campground. At the end of a white fence, turn into the campground and walk along a road to the next lake. Again ask permission if possible to use the road. An option is to run the stream if you have whitewater skills or line your boat down. (Class 2). 
P7 530 m First Christopher to Park - Take out on the right side of the outflowing stream where the moving water begins. Go about 30m south through the trees to a road. Turn left and continue another 500 m to the Cameron Brook Provincial Park. (Access Point Three) 
Access Point One (West to east trip) - Low Landing 
From Caledonia, travel toward West Caledonia about 5km. Turn left onto the Devonshire Road. At the 10 km mark you will see a spring on your left, a good place to fill up. At 11 km, turn left to Low Landing. The access point is 2 km further down this road. This is a good site for parking and camping with a large level grassy area, an old foundation, an old well, and big oaks and maples. The carry is about 30 meters or more depending on the water level. Launching here can be tricky if the water is very low (slimy rocks and boot eating mud). An alternate if you have a truck is to continue out to the point where water access is via a small beach. 
Access Point Two (East to west trip) - Twin Lakes Campground, Hibernia 
From Liverpool - Take Exit 19 off Highway 103 north on Route 8 about 40 kms. Turn left at sign to campground and travel about 3 km. The campground is on your right and Second Christopher Lake is on your left. Put in or take out of the lake at a small beach just past the bridge. From Caledonia - Go toward West Caledonia about .5 km to where to road turns to the right. Instead of turning right, continue straight to Hibernia on a dirt road about 5 km. 
Access Point Three (East to west trip) - Cameron Lake Provincial Park 
Off Route 8 near Caledonia. This small park is open from Victoria Day weekend in May until Thanksgiving in October. A gate prevents vehicle entry when the park is closed but use is still permitted. For more information on the park, call Parks Division, Department of the Environment. End or begin trip here with Portage 7. 
Russell Lake 
Lake Rossignol- Lake Route 5 
Ponhook Lake - Lake Route 8 
For multi-route trips that include this route see Lake Notes. 
For more information on the park, please call the Department of Natural Resources. The Liverpool office phone number is 902-354-3462. 
Topographic map - Kejimkujik Lake 21 A/6 and Bridgewater 21 A/7
Eligibility Ages: 16 year(s) and up 
Children under 16 with adults - please use own discretion depending on skill level

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