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Ocean Route 10: Ragged Harbour

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Located In South Shore Region
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East Berlin, NS
Areas Served Lunenburg County ; Queens County (NS)


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Information A small, isolated, undeveloped harbour with many coves and islands and a unique entrance passage. 
Where: North east of Liverpool below Medway Harbour 
Skill Level: Beginner 
Time: Day trip 
Distance: 8 km 
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This small protected harbour remained undeveloped because of the rock piles at its entrance. Today there are only a few homes on the south side with many rocky islands, coves and hidden ponds to explore. Within this small harbour and easy paddling distance is alot of variety from the marshes at the head of the harbour to secluded beaches at the entrance. Much of the inner harbour is eel grass but there are also occasional rock and sand beaches to land on. 
The area is prime habitat for geese and ducks and there are numerous duck blinds made of rocks, branches and tar paper. You may encounter hunters in October at either dusk or dawn but it should be safe to travel during the day.You can land on the rock piles at the entrance or go north of the entrance to a small beach at Fader’s Cove. This Cove has long rock fingers reaching out from the beach making it unsuitable for larger boats but fine for canoes or kayaks in calm weather. 
One way to enter the harbour is through Upper Fall Pond and down into Lower Fall Pond. These shallow, brackish lakes are connected by The Gut, a narrow channel about 20 meters wide with high rock walls. The tide creates a river-like current in the Gut and a mini-reversing falls that can be paddled safely. Upper Fall Pond is too shallow to paddle at low tide so you will have to time your entry for mid to high tide. You will have to paddle against the current on an incoming tide but you can ride it on your way back. It is a unique place and experience. 
An alternative place to put in if the tide is low is from the beach if the surf allows (see Access Point Two). Expect to do some navigating between rock piles at the entrance to the harbour. Then you can spend a day or afternoon exploring the harbour and by the time you are ready to go back, you can return via the Gut with the tide and current in your favour. 
Water Safety Notes (see also Ocean Notes
Swells - Be cautious of swells past Eagle Rock and especially going into Long Cove. 
Currents - The current in the Gut can be quite fast as the tide goes in or out. 
Wind - A north wind will be favourable for going around Long Cove Point. 
Points of Interest 
1 Hubley’s Creek - At the head of the harbour near Hubley’s Creek is a short track through the woods to an old homestead and stone foundation. 
2 Fader’s Cove - This lovely little beach about 150 meters long has a small brackish lake behind it and long rock fingers in front making it tricky landing for bigger boats but ideal for kayaks when the weather is suitable. An ideal spot for a swim or picnic. 
3 Doctor ’s Pond - This hidden pond on the north end of the harbour also has a gentle tidal current and is fun to explore. See also Access Point Two and Three 
How to get there 
For Access Point One and Two, take Exit 17a off Highway 103 toward Port Medway about 5 kms. Turn right on the road to Beach Meadows. At West Berlin, turn left to East Berlin and continue till you come to Upper Fall Pond. 
Access Point One - Upper Fall Pond 
Look for a short dirt track on your left just before a rusty pipe gate and brown garbage box. From here it is about 60 m to the pond if you have a truck since the track is rough. With a regular car you can get in about 10 m. Park here and carry your boat to the water where there is a tiny beach with easy access. 
Access Point Two - East Berlin Beach 
This lovely beach is on Crown Land. The south half is backed by a high stoney dune and the north half by a sand dune. You may see flagging tape or cages on the north half set out to protect the piping plover during nesting season (June to August). Please respect these efforts and give the birds lots of space. It may be possible to paddle from this beach around Lohnes Head if the surf and wind conditions allow. Launch from the middle of the beach across from Access Point One. Or continue to the north end of the beach where a short track on the right leads to the water. 
Access Point Three - Long Cove - Intermediate rating 
Take Exit 17a off Highway 103 into Port Medway about 7 km. Turn right at the stop sign and take a short scenic drive of about 6 km to Long Cove. The landscape here changes suddenly from forest to a rockscape reminiscent of Peggy’s Cove. This narrow little cove has a government wharf, a small fish plant, a cluster of fish shacks originally used by the fishermen during lobster season and a school bus hostel. A slipway and small stone beach provide access. This is rated intermediate because of the swell coming in at the mouth of the cove and the breakers just outside it. It is possible to get between the Western Breaker and Long Cove Point on a calm day if you time your entrance and exit with the swells. 
Ocean Route 7: Medway Harbour - Weather permitting, experienced paddlers leaving from the south side of the harbour may want to continue north to Long Cove (see Access Point Three) and connect with Medway Harbour going with the prevalent wind. At the entrance to Long Cove, you can expect confused seas (swells hitting each other) and further in, you may also encounter large swells as the sea pushes into the narrow entrance. 
Topographic map: Liverpool 21 A/2
Eligibility Ages: 16 year(s) and up 
Children under 16 with adults - please use own discretion depending on skill level

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