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Ocean Route 9: Port Mouton

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Located In South Shore Region
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Port Mouton, NS
Areas Served Lunenburg County ; Queens County (NS)


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Information A protected shore with long beaches and islands close by. 
Where: South west of Liverpool 
Skill Level: Beginner 
Time: Day trip 
Distance: 12 km from Central Port Mouton to Port Mouton Island to Bull Point return 
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Port Mouton (pronounced Ma-tune) got its name from the explorer DeMonts when a sheep fell overboard from one of his ships and had to be rescued. DeMonts and Champlain spent a month here in 1604 exploring the surrounding area. Today Central Port Mouton still has two operating fish plants and an active government wharf where you will find a fleet of colourful fishing boats and colourful characters. 
This route provides sweeping vistas of Port Mouton Bay to the east and extensive beaches and dunes to the west. Behind Carter’s Beach, you will notice large spruce trees and rose bushes are growing out of the sand. These dunes extend well back into the woods (almost 500 min places). They are very fragile, held in place by the vegetation. Care should be taken to stay on existing trails or on the beach and off the grass. 
The mainland shore is accessible by road and three good launch sites are available.The Spectacle Islands are a short paddle from the mainland (about 1 km from Carter’s Beach). The western side of these islands are a mix of grass flats and large granite outcroppings and offer a scenic paddle among the rocks. The water in the Western Channel is shallow and very clear allowing you to see kelp seaweed 
waving in the current near Bull Point and many kinds of shell fish. Sand dollars are common and appear as dark circles against the white sand as they are black and spiny when alive. 
Water Safety Notes (see also Ocean Notes
Swells - You may encounter swells past Bull Point. 
Beach landing - Since most of this shore is beach, you may need to know how to land in a surf in 
rough conditions. 
Fog - Fog can move in quickly in this area. Bring along a compass and know how to use it along with 
this map if conditions worsen. 
Winds - Beginners should stay on the inside of Port Mouton Island (the western side) to take advantage 
of protection from the wind as easterly gales can send large seas into the harbour. 
Points of Interest 
1 Steelhead trout farm - These large partially submerged cages contain steelhead trout that are raised for commercial sale. Tours may be available when the “farmers” are working. 
2 Lighthouse on north Spectacle Island - This lighthouse is worth the short hike (150 m) across the island. Beside it is a helicopter pad and if you’re lucky, a large Coast Guard helicopter will land to service the light while you’re there. The trail begins near a large vertical rock on the west side of the island. Look for six metal rods stuck in the rocks. The trail goes a short distance through a softwood 
forest. Then you need to climb around what remains of the light keepers house and through a tangle of rose bushes to get to the landing pad. Likely this spot was once cleared for a garden and a few animals. A grape vine now spirals around a large spruce tree like a Christmas ornament. 
3 Back Beach on Port Mouton Island - This island has been sold for development but on Back Beach there is still no sign of private homes. Here the dunes extend well back and should be left alone. It is a good spot for swimming, beach combing for sand dollars and hiking along the shore. 
4 Jackie’s Island - This island is a gull and cormorant colony. You can’t miss it for the squawking of the birds. The trees look dead because of all the bird excrement. 
How to get there 
Take Exit 21 off Highway #103 17 km past Liverpool to Central Port Mouton. 
Access Point One - Central Port Mouton Public Boat Launch 
Turn left past the Kwik Way store 1.3 km past turn off. A small sign says” Port Mouton Boating Association Launching Ramp”. A wooden ramp with a very gradual slope provides excellent access for small boats. Park off the ramp by the side of the road. 
Access Point Two - Carter’s Beach 
Another 1.2 km down the road turn left to Carter’s Beach (look for sign). Park at the end of this road. A short trail (30 m) leads to the beach. 
Access Point Three - South West Port Mouton 
This scenic spot is another 3.5 km out the road. Look for a sign that says SW Port Mouton Wharf but don’t expect to see a wharf, as a large slipway is all that remains. The slipway is unsuitable for small boats but the beach here is protected. Park at the end of the road. 
SW Port Mouton to Little Port Joli in Kejimkujik Seaside, 16 km return, expert rating. This route includes one headland and open waters. Expect to be paddling against prevalent wind on outbound trip. No camping is allowed in Kejimkujik Seaside. See Ocean Route 8-1: Port Joli Harbour
For more information 
For route information, contact the Rossignol Surf Shop
Ocean Route 8-1: Port Joli Harbour 
Ocean Route 8-2: Kejimkujik Seaside 
Topographic map: Port Mouton 20 P/15
Eligibility Ages: 16 year(s) and up 
Children under 16 with adults - please use own discretion depending on skill level

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