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Cobequid Trail

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Last Modified: 02 Sep 2021
Last Full Update: 02 Sep 2021


Located In Central Colchester
Where To Find Us
Various trailheads (see below) including
202 Willow St
Truro, NS B2N 4Z9
Areas Served Nova Scotia


Phone Municipality of Colchester: 902-897-3180
Contact Hilary Paquet, Parks and Trails Coordinator, Municipality of Colchester

Description & Services

Information The Cobequid Trail is an 18-kilometre network of walking and bicycling trails in central Colchester County, at the head of the Bay of Fundy. Explore woodland paths and shaded brooks. Follow the rail trail through farmland and Acadian dykelands beside the tidal Salmon River and watch the tidal bore when it arrives twice daily. Discover We’kwampekitk (the Mi’kmaq name for the Truro area), which means “the bay runs far up”.  
The Cobequid Trail is great for bicycling, leisurely walks, long distance running and wildlife viewing. The trail has numerous rest areas with benches and picnic tables to enjoy the views. 
Trail use: 
Walking, bicycling and snowshoeing are permitted. 
Motorized vehicles are prohibited. 
Dog on leash are permitted; please clean up after your dog. 
Trail surface:  
Most of the trail is smooth, with hardpacked, crushed gravel; a few, short sections are paved; wooden bridges 
See below for more information about the various sections of the trail. 
Rail-to-trail section (Old Barns, Lower Truro, Truro) 
Operated and maintained by the Municipality of Colchester and the Town of Truro 
Part of the Trans Canada Trail and the Blue Route (Nova Scotia’s cycling network). Travel along the route of the former Dominion Atlantic Railway, a railway built in 1898 and operated until 1982. Enjoy views of the tidal Salmon River, Cobequid Bay, saltmarshes and dykes. Watch for migratory birds on the marshlands and mudflats. Time your visit to see the tidal bore! 
Length: 11-km (one-way) continuous trail between Truro and Old Barns 
Trail grade: Almost flat, with very few slight inclines 
Public washrooms: Old Barns (year-round; 600 m east of Shore Road), Fundy Discovery Site (mid-May to mid-November)  
About the route: 
From the eastern (Truro) end, the trail begins at King Street near the Nova Scotia Community College in Truro, crosses Willow Street, then crosses McClure's Brook. The trail continues beside the Truro Golf Course and an industrial area. Continuing west, the trail passes by marshlands, Acadian dykes and farmland in Lower Truro. A paved spur trail (parallel to Highway 236) heads east toward Tidal Bore Road and the Fundy Discovery Site. From Lower Truro, the crushed-gravel trail continues west to the Cobequid Bay Lookoff beside the tidal Salmon River as it flows into Cobequid Bay. The section of trail between Cobequid Bay Lookoff and Old Barns (to the west) is arguably the most scenic part of the trail! Take in the beautiful views of this tidal landscape at several rest areas beside the trail. From the trail you can see intertidal mud flats and salt marshes common in the Cobequid Tidal Bay landscape, a coastal, lowland plain surrounding the Minas Basin and Cobequid Bay. During late summer and fall migration, look for shorebirds feeding on mud shrimp on the exposed mud flats. Watch for bald eagles and osprey (Nova Scotia’s provincial bird) along the river too. The westernmost end of the trail is located at 919 Shore Road in Old Barns. 
Trail access (in Old Barns, Lower Truro and Truro): 
• Old Barns trailhead, 919 Shore Road, Old Barns 
• Cobequid Bay Lookoff trailhead, 3471 Highway 236, Lower Truro 
• Lower Truro trailhead, 4057 Highway 236, Lower Truro (limited parking) 
• Fundy Discovery Site trailhead, 103 Tidal Bore Road, Lower Truro (under development) 
• Will-Kare trailhead, 105 Lower Truro Road, Lower Truro 
• Truro trailhead, 202 Willow Street, Truro 
Bible Hill and Valley sections 
Operated and maintained by the Municipality of Colchester and the Village of Bible Hill 
An additional 6 km of the Cobequid Trail is located in Bible Hill and Valley and is connected by approximately 2.7 km of sidewalk/road. Explore the area’s nature and wildlife (including bird watching). View woodlands, shaded brooks, farmland, views of the Salmon River and Dalhousie University’s Agricultural Campus. 
Length: Dal AC 2 km, Eagle Crest 1 km, Farnham Brook 3 km, sidewalk connectors 2.7 km 
Trail grade: Varies; mostly gentle slopes; Farnham Brook and Dal AC have some steep inclines 
Public washrooms: Bible Hill Recreation Park (May to October) 
About the route: 
The DalAC trail section (about 2 km) begins at 30 College Road in Bible Hill, meanders through the attractive Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus and the university farm, following a ridge offering views of the Salmon River, and joins the Bible Hill Recreation Park (64 Guest Drive, Bible Hill). From the Recreation Park, follow the sidewalk for about 1.5 km up College Road to Maple Blvd and Scenic Avenue to reach the Eagle Crest trail (39 Warren Drive, Bible Hill). The Eagle Crest trail section (1 km) is a lovely walk through maple stands and hemlock ravines and offers views overlooking the Salmon River. Continue about one kilometre via sidewalks and short trail sections across College Road and Pictou Road to the Farnham Brook trailhead (at 36 Village Court, Bible Hill). The Farnham Brook trail (3 km) passes through meadows and mature forest and crosses the meandering brook several times; listen and watch for wildlife and songbirds as you stroll. Along Farnham Brook, you can travel east to Hillvale Avenue, or west to Dr. Bernie MacDonald Drive and Katrina Drive. 
Trail access (in Bible Hill and Valley): 
Farnham Brook 
• Farnham Brook trailhead, 36 Village Court, Bible Hill (roadside parking available) 
• 111 Dr. Bernie MacDonald Drive, Bible Hill (limited parking available) 
• 53 Hillvale Drive, Valley (roadside parking available) 
• 40 Katrina Drive, off Hazel Avenue, Bible Hill (no parking available) 
Eagle Crest 
• Eagle Crest trailhead, 39 Warren Drive, Bible Hill 
• 99 Scenic Drive, Bible Hill (no parking available) 
Dal AC 
• Bible Hill Recreation Park trailhead, 64 Guest Drive, Bible Hill 
• Dal AC campus, 30 College Road, Bible Hill (campus parking lot on south side of College Road)